Richard John Jones
Stichting AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Richard John Jones will present a sculptural installation in AkzoNobel’s extraordinary garden. The open stage invites people to enter it, to for example lie on their backs and stare at the sky in the middle of the blooming garden. However, from behind the numerous windows employees could be watching them. On closer inspection the two towering office buildings are taking the form of a kind of magnificent public amphitheatre.

Keeping Watch Above The Flowers is concerned with the codes of conduct, often unspoken, in public space and how our shared spaces are increasingly filled with technologies of control and surveillance. Some of these are coercive, but we also willingly participate in and create our own with smartphones, geolocation technology and through sharing videos and photographs in social media.

Keeping Watch Above The Flowers is, apart from a line from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Valley of Unrest, part of an ongoing project that draws on a number of previous installations and live works by the artist that have deconstructed the architecture of performance and the representational aspect of choreography. Jones’ work draws on an idea of urban space as a place of performance, appearance and dissapearence, protest, and theatre. A place that offers recognition but also anonymity.

On the first and last three Mondays of GET LOST – art route Jacuzzi Flowers, a series of free movement and dance workshops, will take place in the afternoon. At Jones’ invitation, dance cooperative Jacuzzi’s choreographers will perform in turn. Jacuzzi was formed in 2017 as a collective-run studio space for dance, movement and choreography. Its members include Tomislav Feller. They stage performance events and workshops in order to exchange and share knowledge with a wide audience. Everybody is welcome to join them this summer in the public garden and get acquainted with the varying ideas and professional practices of these young choreographers.


Essential Art Space, Christian Neefestraat 2, Amsterdam
(outdoors, in the garden)

On weekdays, exhibition space Essential Art Space and AkzoNobel’s coffee bar are open to the public from 10 am until 5 pm.

Jacuzzi Flowers – series of movement and dance workshops, entrance free

Monday, July 2 4-5 pm
Tomislav Feller
Monday, July 9 4-5 pm
Eva Susova
Monday, July 16 4-5 pm
Matthew Day
Monday, August 20 4-5 pm
Setareh Irani
Monday, August 27 4-5 pm
Clara Saito
Monday, September 3 4-5 pm
Noha Ramadan

Richard John Jones (1986) is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London and the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. His work is concerned with the interaction between visual forms of representation/abstraction and political forms of recognition and marginalisation. He has recently been commissioned by the Tallinn Print Triennial, and his work has been included in exhibitions at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin, Museum of Modern Art, Medellin (MAMM), EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam; Rond Point Projects Room, Marseille, SPACE, London and the Gwangju Biennial in collaboration with AA Bronson. He is currently a recipient of the IMMA Freud Project Residency, Dublin.

Stichting AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Hester Alberdink Thijm, member of the GET LOST committee of recommendations and director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation: ‘ We value the opportunity to take part in the GET LOST – art route, because it engenders a wonderful synergy between artist, company and place. In our own public exhibition space, Art Space, we similarly try to forge connections with the outside world and to facilitate artistic encounters. Now the GET LOST – art route is doing the same thing in public spaces all throughout Zuidas. This is a unique and ideal platform for talented young artists to get exposure!’