Olle Stjerne
WTC Amsterdam

Olle Stjerne presents a sculpture in front of the shiny entrance Lobby H/1 of the modular and ever expanding World Trade Center on the Amsterdam Zuidas. The different building blocks suggest limitless possibilities. The loose forms’ perspective distortion and resulting balance act illustrate mutual dependence and gravity.

When you look up from the ground, the Word Trade Center in New York disappears into the clouds at a dazzling height. This iconic experience symbolizes the idea of makeability of the trade center in Amsterdam. New high rise buildings arise at Zuidas, there is non-stop activity, and within these walls anything is possible.

In accordance with the site’s characteristics, Stjerne’s work suggests modularity. Its abstract geometric forms are reminiscent of 20th century concrete art, but they are a direct result of image manipulations resulting from digital drawings and the contemporary language we are familiar with from games and cartoons. The spatial work plays with man’s delusional perception. Its three-dimensional elements allow for endless construction. The openings in the window-shaped blocks form picture frames which incorporate the surroundings. The green color, reminiscent of Chroma Key, provides space; with some video-editing you could project any image you wanted on it. At the same time the heavy concrete provides a solid base. Since you can walk around the work, the sculpture offers grounding and a human scale. You could wonder to what extent we are dictated by structures and boundaries or whether our weightless perception and imagination – influenced by the digital era – determine what we see or can achieve.

Presyncope is a medical term for a state of lightheadedness, blurred vision and tunnel vision, such as can occur when you get up too quickly.


WTC Amsterdam Lobby H/I, Strawinskylaan 1, Amsterdam
(indoors, entrance Zuidplein)

Weekdays from 8 am - 7 pm, closed on weekends

Olle Stjerne (1984) studied at the Rietveld Academie and has just finished his master’s degree at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Before that he studied philosophy. His work has been shown at the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, Dordt Yart in Dordrecht, Beelden in Leiden, Exhibition Laboratorium in Helsinki, Reaktorhallen KTH and Galleri Mejan in Stockholm, among others. Stjerne lives and works in Amsterdam. Through his sculptures, video projections, photography and light art his spatial installations address the constructions present in both our thinking and our surroundings. Do we construct what we see?


WTC Amsterdam

World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) is a dynamic ‘metropolis’, populated by almost 400 companies, half of which are of foreign origin. WTC is situated at the heart of Amsterdam Zuidas, comprising 115,000 m2 of office space and 11,000 m2 of supporting facilities. All facilities in a small town, such as a drycleaner’s, supermarket, delicatessen, a physical therapy practice and even a dentist can be found here. We highly value ‘connection’, and these facilities make WTC a community. By participating in GET LOST – art route we want to strengthen the connection between corporate life, our surroundings and the cultural world even further.