Marek van de Watering
Loyens & Loeff

The work Marek van de Watering developed for Loyens & Loeff consists of a boulder into which core notions and illustrations related to Loyens & Loeff have been carved like an ancient means of registration and orientation. A close-knit group of people thus map their surroundings, core values and residency. The work is based on the outcome of workshops with Loyens & Loeff employees. The notions and illustrations were suggested by these participants. The artist opted to merely transform these notions and illustrations into a concise and historical form of writing in stone. The individual Loyens & Loeff employees wrote down their joint vision on the boulder, as was done in ancient times by travelers and nomadic tribes that plotted both fictional and actual routes on the basis of landmarks.

Employees will recognize elements of the notes, outsiders and visitors will read them as important, personal and (corporate) cultural messages. By walking around the boulder visitors will discover new notes, such as the route to the new Hourglass building or wonder about Barista Ray the employee’s name that was mentioned most, or the location of older buildings where Loyens & Loeff used to be based.


Loyens & Loeff, Fred. Roeskestraat 100, Amsterdam

Marek van de Watering studied information sciences, followed by a BA in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. His knowledge of computer programming and corporate dynamics is reflected in his artistic work, which is based on social interactions and forms of subcultural expression. Through participation, conversations and workshops he explores how people relate to each other and their surroundings and how they (try to) capture that relationship in imagery. By adding absurd elements or unrealistic questions he piques peoples’ curiosity and imagination.​​​​​​​

Loyens & Loeff

Loyens & Loeff are a leading international law and tax firm that encourages talent development and innovation. Young talent is also the common theme in the Loyens & Loeff contemporary art collection. Here we show our continuous support of upcoming artists that are not afraid to experiment. That is also why we decided to participate in the GET LOST – art route 2018 and host one of the young talented GET LOST artists, who will create a (temporary) artwork in front of our office at Zuidas. We trust that this piece of art will trigger conversation and will inspire both the Loyens & Loeff employees and the GET LOST visitors to discover and develop their own talents.