Johannes Büttner
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Johannes Büttner plants a futuristic flag on the roof of the Strawinskyhuis, amongst residents, travelers and comers and goers working or studying at Zuidas. The building is currently temporarily let out, and its future function is as yet uncertain. The square in front of it is being renovated, in short, everything is in flux. Büttner’s flag provides anyone moving in and out of the area with a temporary common symbol of this flexibility so they can appropriate it or ponder whether this might be the shared zeitgeist. For now, all these spectators belong together, and even if they should not be aware of it, they from a community representing a fluid identity.

The flag consists of a number of LED light panels showing a new word every day. Visually this word changes constantly, and how this happens is determined by the wind’s force and direction. Büttner collected the words as fictional generic terms you could come across in many a modern Code of Conduct, terms awash with good intentions, but when taken out of context they can acquire a completely different meaning. Since the wind determines their shape, Büttner directly references concrete poetry, a modern form of poetry which blossomed internationally in the 50s and 60s characterized by the emphasis on rhythm or the typography of the words. Today this imagery is mainly used in advertising.


Strawinskyhuis, Prinses Irenestraat 43, 1077 WV Amsterdam
(outdoors, the installation on top of the roof is visible from the street)

Johannes Büttner (1985) studied at UdK (Universität der Kunste) in Berlin and De Ateliers in Amsterdam. His work has been shown at De Ateliers, De Appel, Rongwrong and Kunsthuis Syb in Beetsterzwaag, among others. He questions notions such as craftsmanship, authorship, creative work and value and situates these in a world that physically seems to fall apart, which sometimes leads to comical situations In his post-apocalyptic landscapes economic processes become a commentary on our neoliberal society. Although his approach is often conceptual, Büttner proceeds like an anarchistic sculptor. With seemingly simple means such as concrete, steel and elements he found on the street he embraces an entire space. Often these installations are the setting for a performance or other such social interaction. Above all he seems interested in the relationship between energy, things that go effortlessly and the values attributed to it. Whether they be hardcore techno fans, bank employees or fast food companies, Büttner exploits specific social and economic structures in order to show how extreme or absurd daily reality really is.

Flow Real Estate & Egeria Real Estate Development

GET LOST is a wonderful initiative, giving talented young artists the opportunity to prove themselves. Being a young real estate development we know how important that first chance is. That is why we support GET LOST- art route 2018.