Andrea Božić &
Julia Willms


Two performers, a.k.a. ‘dreamers,’ escort the audience through the extraordinary architectural labyrinth of Aldo van Eyck’s Burgerweeshuis, which has just been completely renovated and decorated by BPD. Two monologues situate a story line made up of numerous dreams in the here and now, making perception and interpretation flow together. Since these dreams have no hierarchy or limits, Porocity triggers the spectator to associate freely and attempt to interpret the human mind, behavior and situations. The lack of logic opens peoples’ eyes, and a new space comes into being. GET LOST thought the need for frameworks and the difference between experience and fact would be an interesting addition to the Code of Conduct theme. Porocity was designed to be performed at different venues, including Frascati Theater and Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam. Andrea Božić and Julia Willms collected peoples’ actual dreams and turned them into an impressive text. By acting the text out and combining it with its specific settings, every performance becomes a unique experience in which the dreams, the venue, the buildings’ structure, the presence of the audience and the elements in the space itself are woven together and become part of the work.

Performers: Matthew Day and Julia Willms. Lighting: Vinny Jones. Sound: Robert Pravda. TILT management and production: Mariek van Beuren. Engineering: Paul Beumer. Publicity: Daisy Benz. With thanks to Mala Kline and all the dreamers. Porocity was made possible with the financial support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, AFK, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Stadsdeel Oost.

The number of performances and (free) tickets are limited. Porocity is performed during the first weekend of GET LOST – art route 2018. If you wish to attend a performance you need to make a reservation via Please mention the date, time and number of persons in your email.


BPD, IJsbaanpad 1, Amsterdam

PoroCity is performed on Friday 22 June at 8 pm. Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June on 6.30 pm and 9 pm. The number of performances and (free) tickets are limited. If you wish to attend, please make a reservation and mention the date, time and number of persons via

Andrea Božić and Julia Willms (1974) have worked closely together since 2003. Božić hails from Croatia and is a choreographer, director and artist. She studied comparative literature and English at the University of Zagreb, after which she went to the School For New Dance Development and the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (DAS). She describes her performances and installations as in-disciplinary and site-responsive. In these she likes to play with given elements such as the weather or the night sky. Her work has been shown in Frascati, SPRING, Vooruit, HAU, ImpulsTanz, the Reina Sofia Museum, Centre Pompidou Metz and De Appel, among others. German-Dutch Julia Willms studied visual communication at the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Maastricht and media art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her interest lies in the nature of perception, the very act of viewing itself and the shifting position of the spectator within the proposed environment. Her work has been shown in the Obrist Gallery in Essen, MUSA in Vienna, De Appel in Amsterdam, Intrusion in New York, Westlicht Galerie Vienna and at various European media and video art festivals.


Area development company BPD is happy to contribute to GET LOST – art route 2018. From June 22 through June 24 BPD will host Andrea Božić and visual artist Julia Willms’ performance PoroCity. Two performers, a.k.a. ‘dreamers’ escort the audience on a walk through a labyrinth of spaces. Where the illusive logic of the dream world and everyday reality overlap, a third permeable space we do not know yet comes into being. A space where anything is possible. By participating in GET LOST, BPD bridges the gap between corporate life and young artists and provides space for imagination. At the Burgerweeshuis dreams, the building, the audience and the space itself become interwoven.